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Jun 23, 2004 12:22 PM


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Any good roti shops in Mississauga ?

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  1. What about Toronto itself? Any good roti shops? I saw in a previous post that D & D at Gerrard and Greenwood had good lamb curry but how is their roti?

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      There are *many* roti shops in Mississaugua, Brampton and Toronto - I am sure that lots of them are good. A previous post on curry goat had a link to a list of roti shops in Mississaugua and the GTA. See below.

      I have sampled only a small number of roti shops, so you will have to do some exploring and tasting on your own to decide which is the best. Based on my limited experiences, my preferences are Drupatee's (975 Albion Road, Etobicoke) and Alima's (13 Kenview Blvd.,Brampton). Coconut Grove (183 Dundas West) has the best value for money downtown.

      I have not had the roti at D & D (Gerrard & Greenwood - 416-466-6814), but I have had other items on their menu and have always been pleased.


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        Hands down, my favorite roti in Toronto is from Gandhi Indian Cuisine on Queen (north side), just east of Bathurst. Note that it is East Indian style, rather than West Indian, so no ground chana in the wrap. Get it as hot as you can handle -- sooooo amazing. Works best as a takeout place, as the interior is small and "tired". But the food is incredibly fresh and high quality -- made to order, not sitting in a pot.

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          Re: Ghandi, I thought the interior was fun, especially the big bust of Ghandi that sits on the fridge. Agreed though,it's very basic

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            Their sister restaurant, Mother India on Queen W. just east of Lansdowne, is also fabulous for East Indian rotis.

        2. In Mississauga try Bhara's Hut on Dundas St, 1 light east of Hurontario in the strip mall (north side).

          My barber is next door so I go in from time to time, there's usually a lineup on Fridays, the roti is made generously (I like channa or chicken) and the prices are reasonable. Make sure to ask for it nice and spicy!

          1. Barb's Roti - Lakeshore just east Dixie, great roti's.
            It's in a scary looking strip mall, but don't let that stop you from going in.

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              1. Bhara's Hut is good... (north side of Dundas, one block east of Hurontario, east end of plaza) this place is usually my staple roti restaurant because it is so central to the city... come hungry... they're big! it's not cheap but it's not expensive.

                Barb's roti is prolly one notch better than Bhara's and is located at 1181 Lakeshore West (north side at the east end of the plaza)... but Barb's really feels like your in the islands and there lots of good stuff on the menu.

                Sunrise Carribean Cuisine... (Lakeshore west, bottom of cawthra, south side) tasty roti, but tiny and pre-prepared and tossed in the microwave...way over priced also...

                There is a place on the east side of Hurontario i believe just north of Dundas. The plaza is white brick with narrow storefronts and kinda elevated from Hurontario... it's a double story facade with all afro-centric type occupancy commercial fronts. There is a carribean food take-out place in there, but in the few times i've gone in, I haven't walked out with food as they are seemingly always illprepared...

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                  Barb's is great, I agree. You should know that you're replying to a thread that's five years old, though. I would recommend posting in a more recent thread, or starting a new one altogether. Thanks for the recommendations, though - I haven't tried Bhara's before, and it sounds good... Do you know if they have doubles?

                  1. re: redearth

                    Yes, they do. And they're excellent...