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Jun 23, 2004 09:51 AM

in search of amazing hot chocolate...

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have you seen the movie Chocolat? i am looking for thick, rich hot chocolate like that. the type of hot chocolate that just seems like good melted chocolate, not the type watered down or thinned with milk.

in new york city, my friends and i happened upon a chocolate shop in Soho that had it. i went to paris and went to a great tea salon that had it.

are there any places in toronto that serve hot chocolate like this?

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  1. Check Le Gourmand on Spadina (west side) just south of Queen - try the choc chip cookies as well!

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    1. re: cocoa

      Second the vote for SOMA in the Distillery. The secret ingredient is chili! Good with water and great with milk and you can purchase the mix to take-home. Also consider their unusual chocolates (25 year old balsamic vinegar, aged olive oil, but my fav is the walnut crunch).

    2. Highly recommend the spiced hot chocolate at SOMA in the distillery district. It's not really the same thing as a Parisian hot chocolate. Although it is rich and thick nonetheless.

      If you would like to make your own though, it is very easy. The cookbooks Paris Sweets (by Dorie Greenspan) and Pierre Herme Chocolate Dessert (by Pierre Herme and Dorie Greespan) have recipes.

      Happy sipping!


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        I have had the SOMA hot chocolate, and intially, I was quite pleased, but towards the end, I got a Greek/Turkish coffe kind of experience. (i.e. mouthful of grinds)

        Any similar experiences?

      2. Try one of the Churrisimo kiosks (i have only ever been to the one in Eglinton square [NW corner of Yonge & Eglington])

        The have something there called Mexican Hot Chocolate. I have never had it, but my girlfriend swears by it. And from your description, it sounds very similar to your Chocolat Parisiene.

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          is this inside the yonge & eglinton centre? i work nearby, but can't picture where it is...

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            Yup, I found it kind of by accident. You can get to it from Yonge st. The street entrance next to the movie theatre I believe, and then keep walking straight into the "mall" and you should see it eventually.

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              Use the street entrance beside Indigo. It is located in the open area just at the top of the escalators that lead down to the stores like Dominion, LCBO, etc.

        2. Apparently JS Bonbons makes a kick ass hot chocolate. I have not tried it personally, but I have tried their truffles and are delicious, so I would expect the same for the hot chocolate. There is one on Queen and Niagara, and a second one elsewhere. Check out their website for more details (I think).

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            The JS Bonbons hot chocolate is listed in this month's "best of Toronto" article in Toronto Life. Only the Queen Street location has it, not the Dupont Street one. I haven't tried it, but their truffles are awfully good.