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Jun 22, 2004 01:09 AM

Curried goat?

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Hi all,

I'm kind of a neophyte in terms of caribbean cuisine. Can someone tell me where in this city can I find the best (or at least a really good) curried goat dish? I had this at the Ex a few years back and also at the Ackee Tree at the Eaton Centre. I just want to know where i should go for a really good curried goat and caribbean food experience. Id the real Jerk the place to go or is there any other place that is better?


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  1. Bacchus Roti has really good curried goat roti.

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    1. re: airsy

      The type of curry used varies among the different Caribbean countries. You may find that Trinidadian and Guyanese curry goat uses a stronger curry flavouring than the Jamaican version.

      Here are some Caribbean restaurants that may help satisfy your curry goat cravings :

      Real Jerk, 709 Queen St - which you already mentioned - Jamaican

      Coconut Grove, 183 Dundas West - Guyanese

      Drupatee's Roti Shop - Albion Road, just east of Islington - Trinidadian

      Alima's Roti & Pastries - 13 Kenview Blvd. Unit 49
      Brampton - Trinidadian & Guyanese

      The link below has a longer list. Look under "Ontario Roti Shops". Be aware that some of these establishments are very basic in terms of ambience and furnishings. Many are cafeteria-style or take-out only.

      Happy eating.


      1. re: Stranger

        Thanks a bunch! I knew i'd get an answer.

    2. My favourite is D&D Trini Style. It is located on the North side of Gerrard, 1/2 block west of Greenwood.