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Jun 20, 2004 05:15 PM

For a change of Brunch.....

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Try Kei!

I can't rave enough about this restaurant that serves Malaysian cuisine.

They've recently started opening for weekend brunch.. Malaysian style. They do not serve your typical eggs and homefries dishes but rather different rice, congee and roti w/ curry dishes.

I believe congee is a typical Asian breakfast, though I opted for the a sticky rice banana wrap with spicy thai basil chili sauce. I also had a roti dish which resembled a croissant that could be dipped in dahl or chicken curry. Other curries are also available.

Kei's brunch was a total change from the regular brunch scene. If you are up for trying something a little differet, I wold definitely recommend checking it out.


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  1. Kei is NOT a serious, authentic Malaysian restaurant. It's more like one of those swishy spots on College (such as Airport Lounge), with twee cocktails, loungy decor, and a so-called Asian fusion menu (how late-90s) served in rather precious portions.

    If you want real Malaysian in all its glory, go to Matahari Grill on Baldwin, or Restoran Malaysia in Richmond Hill, or for Chinese Malaysian food, try South Asia Malaysian Cuisine in Scarborough.

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    1. re: membrillo

      I've been to Matahari Grill and I would say there is no comparison between there and Kei.

      Perhaps, you are right in that Kei is more fusion than authentic Malaysian; however, when it comes down to taste and ambience, I think Kei wins handsdown.

      I'm not sure what the Chowhounds of Toronto beef is with fusion food but it seems rather limiting and snobbish to me.

      While Kei may resemble one of the trendy Queen or College St. restaurants, it would be a disservice to avoid this restaurant on those pretenses.

      1. re: airsy

        i've been to both kei and matahari grill. there's nothing wrong with kei, but i prefer matahari's food, and they have a larger menu. besides, kei reminds me of places like Rain (on a less grandiose scale, of course) - that is to say, style over substance.

        btw, matahari underwent renovations several weeks ago, and now it looks like all those other asian restaurants trying to attract a non-asian clientele (e.g., asian gegend, spring rolls). the dark walls and knick-knacks have been replaced by stark white walls and sleek green banquettes. thank goodness, the menu is unchanged.

      2. re: membrillo

        COuld you please tell me where is South Asia Malaysian Cuisine? Thx

        1. re: Alan

          3380 Midland Ave., Unit 19. West side of Midland, north of Finch, in an anonymous industrial plaza. Zero decor, delightful Chinese Malaysian grub.
          Ba kut teh, curry laksa, mo mo cha cha - it's all there.