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Aug 25, 2000 07:34 PM

Gorditos anyone?

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I have eaten Mexican all over including the homes of Mexican families and in Mexico. I have yet to find a better down to earth place to eat than Gorditos. I have moved out of the state but long for their fajita style burritos and spinach enchiladas. They are family run and food is always fresh. But don't do what we do and crave Gorditos on Tuesdays because they are closed.
They are located in Greenwood- Seattle on 85th Street. The cross street is Greenwood Ave. Enjoy and tell them that Patty in Florida sez hello.

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  1. I'd second that comment. Before I left Seattle for several months in North Carolina, one of my last meals was at Gorditos. We got turned on to them when they were in a smaller space across the street from their present location.
    Since coming back to town, I've gotten to know some of the family that runs the place (through a hula troupe, of all things), and they are great folks, too!