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Jun 18, 2004 02:48 PM

outdoor brew

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My dad always reminisces about the goold old days in the UK where you could go for a beer in a "garden pub". I there anywhere anyone knows of similar in T.O. (Northern part of the city preferred) where you can sit out and enjoy a brew without the local traffic whizzing by???

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  1. I'm hoping a change in the subject name might generate some more responses...

    I grew up in England (well, until I was 9) and I loved going with my parents.

    I'd take my daughter now if I knew anywhere similar... Any ex-pats out there with intelligence on this?

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      Argh...brings back many a good memory. Can't think of a British style beer garden over here but I am a member of a Brit ex-pat group so I'll if anyone can suggest anything.
      Or goto to get intouch with British expats

    2. There are some rooftop patios that are "off the street" The Pilot Tavern in Yorkville is an oldstyle place... Remys in Yorkville has a huge roof patio that is laid back during the week. Bettys has a patio that is enclosed by other buildings on a few sides..

      Now come to think of it try the Distillery district... it is closed off to traffic and has its own brew pub with plenty of patios...