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Jun 18, 2004 12:30 PM

Restaurants near Hollywood Gelato

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After checking out La Paloma last week, I'm interested in having a taste at Hollywood Gelato this weekend.

Any recommendations for good eats (dinner-wise) in the area. Looking for something not too pricey - $20 and under for mains.


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  1. Lemongrass and Riz (same owners) are located nearby and offer pan-asian food in a minimalist atmosphere. Most of the dishes are priced under $20, except the crab. The crab at Lemongrass is messy to eat but really tasty.

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      i agree that riz or lemongrass are your best bets for a nice-ish dinner in your price range. i prefer riz for some reason, although the menus are very similar. if you are in the mood for something very casual you could pick up a burger at grouchos or head to Duffs or McSorleys for pub-fare. there is also a new indian restaurant (Kama Sutra, i think) just north of davisville (where dirty nelly's used to be)that i am told is okay too...

      i am interested in your views on hollywood gelato as compared to la paloma. imho, they do not compare... la paloma is far superior (superior in fact to may gelatarias i visited recently in italy)! hollywood's gelato is too sweet and the flavours taste artificial in many cases.

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        Thanks for your replies!

        So... now I've tried La Paloma and Hollywood - 1 week apart. I tried the same variety of flavours - Chocolate, Pistachio, and Hazelnut.

        Pistachio - La Paloma is the winner hands down! That La Paloma Pistachio is amazing.

        Hazelnut - La Paloma is the winner! It was just creamier and more flavourful.

        Chocolate - I must say - that Hollywood Valhrona Chocolate is pretty delicious - I love chocolate that is rich and dark and bitter, and the Valhrona was better.

        Though La Paloma did win 2 out of 3 - I still think it's up in the air (or is that just my excuse for visiting both places again - so many flavours - so little time)