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Jun 16, 2004 04:49 PM

Help! Looking for Saturday brunch maybe garden or terrace in TO

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NY chowhound looking for help from my friends to the north. I'm coming to TO this weekend and I'm hooking up with two friends - one from Victoria and another who just moved to TO. We haven't seen each other in years! We're planning to meet Saturday for brunch in Toronto. I'm looking for good food (of course!) but also a nice atmosphere - a garden or terrace open air type place or if indoors, somewhere that's not super packed or rushed. On the expensive/upscale side is ok. I've looked at previous postings and Brassaii seems nice and was recommended, but indoors and dark? Anyone have suggestions? Thanks in advance. Sorry for the last minute request...

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  1. check out miguels posting on the page....

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    1. Brasaii actually has a very nice patio, set well back from the street (although I notice that their website doesn't really mention it, and has only one aerial photo of it). I haven't been there for brunch, but my weekday lunch there was good.
      I like the rooftop patio at Kensington Kitchen, on Harbord St., which has a good brunch to boot.
      Enjoy Toronto!

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        I would recommend the rooftop patio at Kensington Kitchen on Harbord as well. The chairs and tables are not the most confortable, but it is a very relaxing setting. They offer good Mediterranean food.

        Welcome to Toronto!


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        peppermint pate

        I'd suggest Sugar on Queen Street West - they have a lovely patio out back and awesome brunch/coffee. On College Street, there's also Xacutti, which has a nice interior courtyard, and Bar Italia, which has a good people-watching patio out front. Both have great food and coffee. Queen Street and College Street are both great to stroll along afterwards if there's still more catching up to do. Have fun.

        1. Hi everyone!
          I just read all your suggestions. Thank you so much! Now I wish I had more time to try all these places out. This will be an awesome reunion thanks to you chowhounds!