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Jun 15, 2004 03:55 PM

Summerlicious - Bymark

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So I called this morning to make reservations and was told that they are only taking reservations between 1.30 and 3.30pm for summerlicious.

I call again at 1.30 - line is busy. I keep trying and finally get through at 3.30 and am told that they have stopped taking reservations for the day and that I should call back another day.
I don't think so!

They have one of those phone systems that you press # 1 to make a reservation, however they don't tell you that they are only taking reservations between certain times. I pressed # 1, was then put on hold and then told I couldn't make a reservation.
If it is such an inconvenience for them, why do they bother?

I won't be going there for summerlicious.

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  1. I couldn't get through to either Centro or North 44 at all today. I think summerlicious has really blossomed and some of the popular restaurant aren't equipped for the flood of calls.

    1. I had the same problem too. I was lucky to get through, and they told me that they only have a few seatings left(the only available seatngs each day are 5/5:30/9:30pm). For those interested trying Truffles at the Four Seasons, I called at noon and was told they are completely booked for Summerlicious but they have set up the same menu for the week of June 21st, and the cost is $40($10 more but you get complimentary valet parking).

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      1. re: J

        I booked at Truffles too.
        Anyone have feedback about this spot?

        1. re: Maureen

          I had a phenomenal meal last year at Truffles during Summerlicious. I've also had a version of the grilled hanger steak entree that they are offering this year as part of their Summerlicious menu, and it was delicious. In fact, it was the best hanger steak I've ever had. I think you made a good choice.

      2. Got in to 1055 Yonge.
        Very pleasant on the phone and no trouble getting through.

        1. The summerlicious website said reservations begin June 17th - have I been naive in waiting? Guess so if some places are already booked.

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          1. re: munch

            if you are an american express card holder you were able to make reservations from the 15th June. However, the restaurants never ask for credit card details.

            1. re: Dooley

              I made reservations for Auberge du Pommier yesterday, among other restaurants. They were the only one who asked for my AMEX card number.



              1. re: ThomOnTheNet

                North 44 also requires your AMEX card. You must pay with AMEX if you would like to book today. Cafe Victoria and Canoe did not ask.

                1. re: ThomOnTheNet

                  Bymark also asked for my AMEX card number

                2. re: Dooley

                  To all summerlicious patrons ok here is the deal u get to eat a three course meal for $30 in restrants that usualy cost $30 for a entree u r expecting to much for to litle. The service that these high end restrants give normaly is hard to do in the volume that this festavil provides so if u want the fine dinning pampering come back and spend the money on the alcart menu when the festivil is over

              2. I had a similar experience...

                I am very frustrated. Always tried pommier auberge and they said that they have particular reservation times and I've been trying for a few days. Also tried the fifth and couldn't get through.... Very frustrting... I have been trying alot for truffles but they are all book. they had/have excellent customer service...:)