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Jun 11, 2004 11:14 AM

Good Thai restaurant in Oakville?

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Any recommendations for good Thai in Oakville for dinner?

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  1. Thai Satay and More is excellent. One of the best if not the best Thai restaurants I've been to. The small lunch buffet is outstanding and fresh. You will probably need a reservation even for lunch. In the evening everything is cooked to order. I keep their number on my speed dial. This reminds me that I got to get back there. 905-338-7934

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      Here's the website for Thai Satay & More.


    2. i'm spacing on all the essential info but hoping somebody might be able to ID the place i'm thinking of. it's sort of upscale thai, pretty small place (maybe 30-40 seats?), and run by a very nice lady. it's been a few years since i've been there, but i remember it being very good back then. i took my folks there for their first go at thai food, and they were sold after that. i'll ask them if they remember the name.

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        my mom tells me that the place i'm thinking of is actually the one previously mentioned - Thai Satay

      2. Salad Thai on Kerr St. is good too.