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Jun 10, 2004 04:33 PM

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Going out Saturday night for a friends B-day with 7 others. Price and cuisine not that important, but looking for great food and a graet patio. Was able to get Xacutti but not until 9:30 and some in the group felt it was too late. Please help.

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  1. Friscos Brasserie (formerly Al Friscos) on John? The new menu is supposed to be pretty decent and the patio there has always been a delight. Especially on warm, busy Saturday nights.

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      Strawberry Shortcake

      Friscos has a great patio (John/Richmond)
      Great food & wine, fairly large patio

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        peppermint pate

        Here are some other options with great patios and good to great food:

        On Harbord Street
        Boulevard Cafe (still one of my favourite patios in the city and great, consistent food)
        Kensington Kitchen

        On College Street
        Teatro (in answer to recent posts, I was there a couple of times last year - the patio is good and the food is pretty good but not great)

        On Queen Street East
        The Drake


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          The Drake is Queen W...FYI

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            peppermint pate

            Oops - thanks. So is Noce. I must have been upside down when I typed the initial e-mail...