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Jun 9, 2004 04:15 PM

a decent resto in the Ent. District? is mediterra any good?

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Going to the symphony @ roy thomson on sat. night and trying to find a decent place for our group to have dinner. you'd think it would be easy (I live nearby!) but I've been to so many restos in this area (Il fornello, milestones, frisco's, kit kat, and so many are mediocre at best and just plain awful at worst. Not to mention over-priced for what they have to offer. Any recommendations on good restos within walking distance that aren't asian fusion (monsoon & rain are nice...but tres pricey & I need a break from that food genre)? I noticed mediterra got good patron reviews on but I haven't been & don't know of anyone who has.

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  1. Did the King Street walk with a friend before a performance at Roy Thomson Hall a couple of weeks ago and ended up at Urban just because that's what we were standing in front of when I got frustrated by her unwillingness to have an opinion on anything. They seem to be semi-permanently offering a Prix Fixe menu at $30 per person, which would address some of your price concerns. The rest of the menu was more expensive, but not excessively so, as I recall. The food is basically bistro. There were slight hints of the orient in my carrot ginger soup, but only hints, so really not fusion.

    It's not stunningly inspired food, but it was quite good. The soup, I'd even count as outstanding. The service was attentive, yet not annoying, and they were excellent about our need to make show time. They inquired as we were seated if we were seeing a show, and then made sure we were out on time.

    If you'd asked for an outstanding restaurant in the Ent. District, I wouldn't say that Urban is it. But it's certainly decent or better.

    1. One place I like to go if I am going to the Theatre District is Club Lucky which is on John just north of Adelaide (near Hooters) It's in an old townhouse so I find the decor to be interesting and not as typical. I have enjoyed their steak and grilled calamari appetizers. I think the last time I was there I had a lovely pasta dish.
      Prices are decent but not cheap. It's a small place too. (same owners as Kit Kat)