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Jun 9, 2004 02:01 PM

Big Daddy's

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Hi There
I am going to Big Daddy's on King west on Sat. Has anyone been any reviews good or basd.

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  1. the decor sucks (a tad 'swiss chaletesque') but the seafood menu is pretty good. portions are big and prices are great. I had the seared tuna and it was quite nice. Wouldn't go there for a romantic dinner or anything, but it's better than most of the surrounding competition in terms of quality

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      I was disappointed when I was there. A bit better than chain bar/grill fare--the crayfish cakes were good, but sogged up under the fairly tasty sauce really quickly into a gummy mess. The side of king crab legs were overpriced and slightly overcooked (there were only 2 legs--one was not very "kingly"). Hope it helps.

      1. re: steph

        True, but Big Daddy's does have a ridiculously addictive seafood fondue appetizer, which really could be made into a meal. Their mains can be underwhelming, but you could do much worse in this town.

        Don't miss the seafood fondue!