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Aug 2, 2000 02:27 PM

Dinner for 4?

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My wife and I are going out to dinner with a close friend and his girlfriend. We are looking for suggestions for a great dinner in the downtown Seattle area.

Priorities are:
-Delicious food (options other than seafood? someone in our party doesn't like seafood... Hmmmph! Out-of-towner!!! :-) )
-Excellent service
-An atmosphere that lends itself well towards long, intimate conversations

any suggestions?

I'm thinking of the Dahlia Lounge as well as Palace Kitchen, due to Douglas's reputation, but am open to anything... (can also be in the outlying Seattle area.)

I appreciate any suggestions. Please email me privately with response.


Andrew Schneidler

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  1. "Please email me privately with response."

    this is a community where chowhounds interact publicly, for the betterment of all. Emailing helps a single chowhound, but posting to these boards helps the whole pack.

    So...if you really want advice, please meet us halfway and commit to checking back here for replies. And maybe offer up some tips of you own! Y'know, the more people contribute to this message board, the more Northwest chowhounds will be attracted. Before you know it, this board can be as stocked with great food tips and entertaining talk as our NYC, SF, LA, Chicago, and Boston boards.


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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Andrew Schneidler


      My apologies... most message boards I am a part of prefer tangents and spin-off messages to be carried out privately to keep others users from having to sort through thread after thread... (like this one.)

      But I am more than willing to check back periodically, and will do so from now on...

      That said... can you help me?


      A. Schneidler

      1. re: Andrew Schneidler

        No sweat, Richard! glad to have you!

        Confession: I have never ever been to the Pacific NW. It's one of the few areas of the world where I have NO chow tips. I'm going to fix that sometime this year...

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      Andrew Schneidler

      Hello all,

      I am sorry, I should have read down further than I originally did... there is great info on here.

      A. Schneidler

      PS - great to read your stuff, Tom! Hope all is well.

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      1. re: Andrew Schneidler

        Andrew--feel free to leave specific questions or follow-ups if the extant info fails to meet your chow needs.

        Meanwhile...anybody else is welcome to chime in! C'mon, lurkers, be brave!


        1. re: Andrew Schneidler
          Tom Armitage

          Hi Andrew:

          I'm delighted you've discovered Chowhound. It's by far the best food website around, as you'll see by reading all the great stuff on the site. My favorite part of Chowhound is the boards (e.g., the Pacific Northwest Message Board) where the Chowhound community shares new discoveries, opines about which restaurants are good and which are not, and engages in spirited discussions of various food related topics. Hope you'll join in. Take it from me, it's addicting.

          Your initial question is a good one. I've not yet been to the "new" Dahlia Lounge, but you're right about Tom Douglas's cooking. I'm thinking about the "long, intimate conversations" aspect of your question and will post any additional suggestions I might have. Of course, the best food in the Pacific Northwest is at Chez Armitage in Poulsbo, but the chef is in Los Angeles at the moment. The problem with Chez Armitage is that it is limited to private dinners by invitation only, but I understand that you have an in with the chef so that should not be a problem for you.

          Keep checking the board, and let all us Chowhounds know of any good places that you know about. And spread the word to all your friends about Chowhound.

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          Anil Khullar

          My recollection of the names are a bit hazy from a
          visit two years ago so here goes.

          There is a microbrewery and Burger place a block
          or two from the Crown Plaza Hotel (where we stayed).

          You will have luck visiting a stretch by the river where there are dozens of restaurants.

          For great views and mediocre food go to the Space Needle.