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Jun 7, 2004 11:07 AM

Saigon Star recently?

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Hi, I've seen several mentions of Saigon Star in Richmond Hill. Anyone been there recently? What's on the menu? I called but didn't seem to be able to communicate too well. Also what's the main intersection where it's at, and do I have to book a table?

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  1. Haven't been there in a few months. I was a bit disappointed last time because the curry tasted a bit bland. If you have a large party, you would probably want to call ahead for a table. Otherwise you should be ok. It's at Hwy 7 and Chalmers (just west of Leslie Street), on the north side of Hwy 7. You'll see it from Hwy 7.

    1. I was just there two weeks ago. Their most famous dish is curried crab which my wife and I and it was a delicious as ever (not bland at all). We also had the Vietnamese grilled lamb chops for the first time (also delicious and very tender - goes well with the muoc nam based dipping sauce). Other famous dishes include giant grilled prawns and clams in black bean sauce.

      A couple of things to watch out for. First, I find that the waiters will often try to upsell you on the number of dishes. For two very healthy appetites, one curried crab plus one other meat/fish dish plus a vegetable is plenty of food. Second, many of their more popular dishes do not have any real vegetable accompaniment. My wife and I always order a plate of stir fried bok choy or something along those lines as one of our dishes.

      Give Saigon Star a try.


      1. I was just there recently also. The curry crab was excellent as usual. Don't forget the French bread to sop up all the curry. I also really enjoy the lemongrass chicken and rice. Not sure if that's exactly what it is called but it comes in a small metal pot. Delicious. If you're going on the weekends, I would book ahead. It shouldn't be a problem on the weekdays though. Yes, watch out for the upselling.