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Jun 7, 2004 10:21 AM

last minute advice for a new yorker - regional specialties, street food, yorkville

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Am taking a last-minute overnight business trip to your fair city and wonder:

1)where a tasty place is, to eat a lateish dinner in Yorkville? My travel companion isn't terribly adventurous so preferable Italian, French, etc., nothing too crazy or fusion-y, but I'll eat anything...

2)whether there is any cannot-miss street food in that area (sounds a little posh for street food, but worth asking)?

3)what are your regional specialties - beverages or food - that I should try during my whirlwind?

Many thanks!

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  1. Sassafraz - corner of Cumberland and Bellair would be perfect for a late night meal...

    Only street food in Toronto is Hot dogs.. not really worth it... but there is a great homemade ice cream shop called "Summers" on Yorkville ave dont know the exact street number but it is around 100 lower level south side...

    Also I have heard good things about a hambuger stand in the Hazelton Lanes Mall (Avenue rd just north of yorkville) that is 100 per cent Black Angus beef..


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    1. re: A guy

      That would be Hero Burgers.
      ps The street hot dogs are often "worth it" but perhaps not particularly indigenous to Toronto

    2. Gotta get a backbacon sandwich from Carousel Bakery @ The St. Lawrence Market

      ......I've never been on a weekday though, so don't know what hours they are operating....anybody??

      1. I would highly recommend Spuntini on Avenue just north of Yorkville (located above the renowned Sotto Sotto, but much better). Italian food that is consistently great at very reasonable prices. Service is fabulous as well. I've recommended the place to countless people over the years and they've all had great experiences there.

        1. I agree with Goober that the St. Lawrence Market is a great place for back bacon on a bun. Or Chirasco chicken on a bun. You could also take some fiddleheads home to sauté - the season is almost over.
          I agree with A Guy about Summers icecream in Yorkville. On Yorkville Avenue, downstairs, between Bellair and Old York Lane. No street food is worth it in that area.
          And, Pusateri's is an excellent food shop (although small), right at the corner of Bay and Yorkville.