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Jul 31, 2000 05:45 PM

seafood restaurants in Olympia, Washington

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I am expecting guests in the NW who want to eat good seafood. they will be staying in Olympia. Any suggestions? I would like to know particulars: formality, reservations needed, price range, alacarte menu, etc.

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  1. There are many......but they vary greatly.
    1. Anthony's is Anthonys like everywhere. It is very noisy. Service varies. Food quality varies and is not consistent. Early bird dinners are the best bet. Reservations essential. Waterfront view and location.
    2. Budd Bay cafe--also noisy but the food is better and more original. Great waterfront location.
    3. Genoas on the Bay is one of my personal favorites. Genoas is located at the end of the Port of Olympia--your drive thru the log yard to get there. There is a view from every table including the Olympics on a clear day. Service is generally good. Wide selection on the menu. They have lost some business to Anthony's which I will never understand. Outstanding preparation of fish---and also meats. Sunday buffet is outstanding and well worth the price.
    4. Probably the best restaurant in Olympia is Gardners. Outstanding everything. No view. MUST GET RESERVATIONS WELL IN ADVANCE.