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Jun 4, 2004 10:10 AM

When's the barbeque competition and who's going?

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Is it this weekend or next? I can't remember. Either way I'm going again this year with more money. Is it the weekend of the 11th? Anyone know?

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  1. It is on the weekend of June 11th (see link). I am just sorry that I will miss it, since I will be out of town that weekend.


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    1. re: Lazar

      I'm planning on going! I was thinking saturday (since I'm out anyways) but if anyone is interested in going on friday during the day, I'm up for it!

      1. re: garp7

        Does anyone recommend specifics from the year before? This is my first year,a nd I don't want to waste my money and tummy on something that's not tasty.

        1. re: db girl

          Check last year's thread, and you'll see a whole mess of comments.