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Jun 4, 2004 01:06 AM

College/Harbord/Annex/U of T Recs

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Hello Toronto Chowhounds! My wife and I are U of T alumns and will be in town for a short visit in early July (the last time we were in TO was June of 2002). While we'll certainly visit old favorites, such as Kensington Kitchen, our stay will accommodate plenty of new tastes and adventure. I'm looking for places that we may have missed or have recently opened, especially true CH Stamp of Approval places--great food on the road less travelled. Price is a concern (no expense account--this is our own money), but cuisine is not, although recs with decent seafood/vegetarian options are welcome and appreciated. We will mostly be on foot but do not mind a healthy walk if it leads to great food.
It's a lot to ask, I know, but any help will be much appreciated.

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  1. This is the restaurant at the corner of SPAdina and HArbord. Right in the Graduate Residence Building.

    Went there for brunch and enjoyed it immensely. The cost of food is cheap, probably because the clientele is predominantly graduate student-based.

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      Also, you may be interested to know that SpaHa is owned by the same folks that run Kensington Kitchen.

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        I didn't know that. Kensington Kitchen is another one of my favourite places.

    2. Have you been to the Gallery Grill at Hart House? It's more upscale, but not too expensive and tends to get overlooked when you're actually attending UofT ;)

      Also, there's a new place on Harbord which is supposed to be good - I think it might just be called 97 Harbord?

      There's also Kensington Market - El Trompo (Mexican) and La Palette (French) are both good. And a semi-new Jamaican fish place opened up in the same area which looks good too. These places are all on the same street - I'm not sure what it's called (Augusta?) but it's the street across from the Second Cup and mini-marts on College, near Spadina.

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        Boulevard Cafe on Harbord is excellent. Peruvian food and since I only eat veg. & seafood, I can say both are great there. Nice large patio too. RE:'s okay for brunch, but service is not so good and it's a little too much of a student-hang-out for my taste.