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Jun 3, 2004 11:18 AM

Ribs Again (And this time useful)

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I've tried amost every recommendation on this board for over a year and can report totally dismal results.
ALL the recommendations are passable at best! (Including Phils, Dipamo's, Steak House, Purple Pig, Baton rouge etc etc etc). Yes, some give quantity (do I really want huge portions of bad food?) and some are tender - thanks to tenderising chemicals that turn the meat to textureless mush.

BUT - some hope on the horizon. First, the return of the St Lawrence Beer and BBQ Festival on June 11-13 (a link is provide below to last years discussion which includes assessments of the best places and a link to the website). This will show you how variable quality is.

And, believe it or not, I've finally found a rib place in Toronto that's worth a return visit. And it wasn't recommended here, but was a personal recommendation from someone who was at Eigensinn Farm last week (not exactly a Chowhound destination - but certainly someone who appreciates good food).
It's Universal Grill (SE corner of Shaw and Dupont). They have two rib dishes - the 'normal' and a 'dry'. Go for the 'dry rubbed ribs'. The seasoning seems Caribbean (approaching jerk, but milder). And the meat has texture. Not cheap (at 22.95 for 6 ribs) but the best I've yet found in T.O. The 'regular' isn't anything to write home about though.
It's a small place (around 25 seats) so if you're going on weekends make a reservation.


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  1. The only place in Southern Ontario worth going to for ribs outside the Rotary Ribfests and St. Lawrence Market competition is Camp 31 BBQ in Paris. The original Camp 31 is in Alabama and they have a location here too. These guys have won numerous competitions on both sides of the border and take the local guys to school.

    Go to for details.

    1. do they have a smoker at Universal Grill ?

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        Don't think so - the other rib dish certainly wasn't smoked.

      2. i agree with estufarian. i think the dry ribs at universal grill are fantastic, best ribs i've had anywhere. the meat is top quality and they've got
        a nice bite.