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Half Price Fajitas at Sneaky Dees

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I don't know if this has been discussed before, but the half priced fajita night every Tuesday at Sneaky Dees is a must for anyone willing to put up with a little grunginess.

I was hesitant at first to try this due to the less than appealing decor; however, after a few minutes the fun ambience sweeps you up.

I would not hesitate to say these are the best fajitas in the city.

Link: http://www.torontobrunch.com

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  1. ...the best? I can't remember the last time I had fajitas there but I'll say the rest of the Mexican food is average at best. However, it's cheap and pitchers are $10 so it's not really vying to be a food destination. However, as I've stated before, the wings are amazing at the Dee's.

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      I work at Toronto Western Hospital, and SneakyDees is a favorite destination for 1/2 price Fajitas on Tuesday - and none of us are frat boys. We just like good food, and well...an interesting ambiance.

    2. Um, yeah, Sneaky Disease has cheap Texican food and beer...but you know, I'm past that frat-boy age now. I would NOT classify this place as a Chowhound destination.

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        Not all Chowhounds necessarily need to spend $$$ to make a meal worthwhile. I think it is the valued finds in enjoyable environments that can make or break an experience. And I would not classify that crowd as "frat boy".... this isn't the Madison.

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          i co-sign your statement. good value, good food is what we're about... and i like the mady...:S

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          Puh-leese --- I think the board is open to everyones tastes my oh-so sophisticated foodie...
          I'm not exactly a frat boy myself and I second airsy's call on the food there, the fajitas are great as well the wings and kings crown nachos.

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            Puh-leese --- I think the board is open to everyones tastes my oh-so sophisticated foodie...
            I'm not exactly a frat boy myself and I second airsy's call on the food there, the fajitas are great as well the wings and kings crown nachos.

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              I find that Sneaky Dee's nachos are some of the worst, on account of them being covered in what tastes like sweet pizza sauce, definitely not one of my favorite places for nachos. But a few friends of mine really love their fajitas, and go all the time for the special on Tuesday.

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                sure cool guy, i'm sure you're there all the time - 3 yr old post there too lol

          2. Maybe I'll try "Sneaky Disease" in a while, once the stench of stale smoke clears.

            Best fajitas? Most fajitas in Toronto taste similar to me. What makes Sneaky's version special?

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              I'd say it was the ambience that really made this enjoyable for me... that's right the ambience at Sneaky Dees. It just seemed like everyone was having fun! That's not discounting the food itself mind you. The tortillas were fresh and kept warm while the meat was served steaming hot as it came out of the kitchen. Plus whenever I make fajitas at home I rarely have both guac and sour cream to add to the mix.

              Don't get me wrong. It isn't for everyone. Especially, not the snobby foodie who will only go out to "dine". This is just for us lowlives who don't mind a little of the grunge.

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                I love the fajitas at Sneaky's too. I like doing Susur one day and Sneaky's the next! It's great when you find a little gem. Here's one for you: the hamburgers at New York Cafe at Broadview and Danforth. Yum!

            2. Brunches there are a good bet too, although I think the fajitas are better.

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                what is the address of sneaky dees?

              2. Airsy, you really are a true foodie. I second the notion that Sneaky Dee's has a wonderful Vagitah night. It's also a great place to meet up with friends after work and get loud and silly. Perhaps Laksa can come with our gang and we can show a "chowhound destination seeker" how eating is really done! With gusto and passion!

                1. FYI - Sneaky Dee's is on the southeast corner of College & Bathurst Streets.

                  Link: http://www.sneaky-dees.com/www/concer...

                  1. mmm sneaky dees! not the best food, but more than satisfying at all hours...
                    the only thing i thought was odd, was when i ordered quesadilla there and it came looking very much like a burrito. but it was still good...

                    1. Sneaky Dee's is Tex-Mex, used to be a big hangout for Punks/street kids and leftists. Anti-Racist Action used to hang out there and nazis would come looking for them in revenge for something and fights happened there a lot... That was in the good old days, late 80s - early 90s... :-D

                      They shut down for a bit, and "re-decorated" (lol, I know) and the crowd changed... Lot's of uni-students and still a leftist hangout.

                      But, I have seen the kitchen from my beer delivery days, and let's just say that SD's is a kewl place to hangout and DRINK, but I won't eat there. You can check off Tortilla flats and Rancho Relaxo as two other Tex-Mex places with cruddy kitchens that you wouldn't want to eat from if you saw them.

                      1. Going there tomorrow night, i know they don't take rsvps but how long would a group of 10 have to wait for a table around 7pm-ish?