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Jul 24, 2000 08:37 PM

Seattle's best finds

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Dear Chowhounds,

Recently I was VERY impressed with Nell's at Greenlake. Terrific food, good service and a very European feel.

Be sure to try the cheese tray after dinner. Very nice!

I recommend Nells and also Kasper's which is at the base of Queen Anne Hill.

These are two sites you don't hear much about because of all the Belltown hype.

Also, for REAL homecooked Italian food you will have to leave Seattle, drive South to Tacoma, drive more South to Parkland. There lies Marzano's.

Family owned, small and terrific. You will need reservations because of their limited space.

I have never had a bad meal there, prices are modest and the only Italian this side of Chicago that has both the food and the "feel". Enjoy!

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  1. > because of all the Belltown hype

    Is there a Belltown hype?!! We are staying in Belltown, and our impression is that there is *NOTHING IN* Belltown. For starters, everything closes at 5:30. Except the corner coffee shop which closes at *4*.

    Up on 1st Street, there are a few restaurants with outdoor seats, that seem to stay open normal hours. Mama Lou's, Flying Fish, something else. We tried Mama Lou's and it stunk, but I hear Flying Fish is quite famous. Is that the extent of the "Belltown hype"? It seems like only 6 restaurants or so.

    The common wisdom on my block (when I ask hotel staff, neighbors, people on street, etc.) is that all of the restaurants are "up in Queen Anne". Nobody's ever steered me up towards 1st Street (except for that Flying Fish, at least).

    By the way, where is that Kaspar's? Do you mean the corner with Larry's Market and Racha, or do you mean the OTHER base of the hill (Magnolia, I guess)?

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    1. re: Jim Wong

      You must be staying in Belltown Ohio. There are so many new restaurants that news of their opening seems to overpower openings in other parts of the city. To name a few: Brasa, Cascadia, Falling Waters, Ohana, Afrikando, Fandango. Not to mention all the "old standbys" Ettas, Flying Fish, Cutters, Lamprea, Axis, Marco's Supper Club, Wild Ginger (OK they just moved out of Belltown). And these are only the ones I can think of off the top of my head. The only reason I can think that neighbors or people on the street would steer you away from Belltown is to alleviate some of the crowds. I know my friends that live there would like that. It can be very noisy at night. You might want to advise the manager of the hotel you are staying at that the concierge is not up to date on what is happening in your neighborhood. They are not providing you with the best service.

      1. re: Jim Wong
        Cris Lafferty

        Sorry, you misunderstood my comment on Belltown.

        There are MANY new restaurants in Belltown, some of which are okay. Most, though, are highly overated.

        Kasper's is at the base of Queen Anne Hill off Harrison Street. Nell's is in Greenlake.

        If you are staying in Belltown, I do suggest the Dahlia Lounge, The Palace Kitchen, Avenue One (French Accent, but affordable) and over by the market the Pink Door (a traditional standby) and Etta's.

        Best wishes, Cris