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Jun 1, 2004 09:05 AM

Nice Patio Sat Night Dinner?

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Any suggestions in the "core" of the city or west-end Toronto/Etobicoke to go for a nice, higher-end patio dinner for my father's birthday? He doesn't want College St. and in the past we have gone to Noce & Biagios which he liked especially for their "patio atmopshere"


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  1. Try Friscis Brasserie - wine bar/bistro

    1. I think the college patios can be a bit much too, but have you tried Pony? It's east of all the busier spots on College (at Palmerston or thereabouts) and they have a very lovely garden patio out BACK with nice candles and such. Quiet & lovely. Mildred Pierce (99 Sudbury...not that far from Noce) also has a nicely set up patio.