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Where to buy unique sake glasses...?

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Hi there,

Does anyone know a good spot to buy unique sake glasses? Most of the places i know (in the Pacific Mall or on Hwy 7) sell a pretty standard/mainstream lot.


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  1. Tap Phuong on Spadina, just north of Dundas has a wide selection but you may find them conventional too.

    Have you ever thought of going to the One of a Kind to scope out the potters? Then for sure you are getting something beautiful and unique.

    Good luck and happy searching.

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      Cecilia, aka SaladKingFan

      There is a Japanese tableware chain in Toronto. They have 1 store in Richmond Hill (Hwy 7 & Commerce Valley West) and 1 store in Vaughan (Promenade Mall right besides T&T Supermarket). They have a decent selection there, still slightly mainstream but I guess you have to take what you can get if you are not in Asia.

      1. Have you tried J-town? On the north side of Steeles Ave E just east of Woodbine Ave.

        Same plaza as the buffet place....behind it actually.

        1. There's a store near T&T at the Promenade (the name escapes me) which sells all kinds of Japanese wares, eg bento boxes, noodle bowls, teapots, tea cups etc. I imagine they would carry some sake cups/glasses.

          1. There's also place on the top level of Pacific Mall at Kennedy and Steeles.

            1. The chain is called Utsuwa no Yakata (House of containers).

              1. Thanks, everyone, for your great suggestions.


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                  Hello there Fern,

                  I suggest checking our "Things Japanese" on Harbord Street. A very unique Japanese shop with everything you need to complete your asian table.
                  I hope this helps.