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May 31, 2004 09:54 AM

Where to buy liquid glucose (glucose syrup)?

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I'm not sure what liquid glucose is (I've never even heard of it), but I need it for a recipe. Do you know where I can purchase this?

Any information would be really appreciated. Thanks very much!

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  1. You might consider just making it....dissolve sugar in boiling water until you make a supersaturated solution.

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      if you can find Crown Lily White corn syrup, use that. It is Glucose syrup with some vanilla flavour

    2. Is it for the Rocky Road squares recipe in the Food and Drink magazine? I substituted light corn syrup.

      The recipe is excellent, definite repeater. Next time I would make the ganache a little sweeter.

      If this is the recipe you are making, and you figure out how to cut through the marshmallow layer without getting chocolate smudged on it, please let me know your technique.

      1. I used to buy it in one of those bulk food baking supply stores but that wasn't in Toronto and I can't remember the name. It would be worth trying such a store that specializes in baking supplies. I've heard that it is also used in beer-making so a "brew-your-own beer" place might stock it.

        I don't know what you are planning to use it for but I was using it when making "royal" icing for formal cakes - a few drops stops the icing getting too hard. For that purpose, I have successfully substitued a mild flavoured honey.

        1. You can get it at Casa Acoreana, at the corner of Augusta and Baldwin in Kensington Market. (It's used in baking to give a softer texture to the product. Corn syrup or sugar syrup [sucrose] are not direct substitutes.)

          1. Why buy it? Equal parts water/sugar. Bring to a boil, and stir until sugar has been dissolved. Put it into a container and refrigerate. I've had a bottle in the fridge for about 10 months, with no ill effects.