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May 30, 2004 09:30 PM

european vegetable seeds

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Has anyone noticed if any stores have been selling european varieties of seeds for the garden, such as Italian beans, rapini, melons,etc.

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  1. Lots of Italian grocery stores are selling European varieties of veggie seeds. Also garden centres in Italian neighbourhoods sell them - plenty of rapini, misticanza (mesclun), a wide range of zucchini, beans, and other greens. I even got some seeds the other day at the Seafood Depot (near Weston Rd. and Steeles).

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      Thanks! Do you know the names of any of the garden centres? Does this mean driving up to Woodbridge? Or are there some garden centres along St. Clair W or College?

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        I don't actually know the names of these garden centres. Many of them spring up, magically, in parking lots of various shopping centres etc. I've seen one quite regularly at the corner of Wilson and Keele. I found one last week on Dufferin and (ack - I can't remember) either Bloor or Dupont. Driving around the west end of Toronto will almost certainly yield some crazy temporary place. My favourite one (in fact) for plants is a tiny place on the west side of Keele, just a couple of blocks north of Wilson. It is more or less right in front of a barber shop, and crawls out onto the sidewalk. There is no real parking, but I've pulled up in front of the barber shop and no one complains (must be his cousin). If you go there, ask for banana tomato plants. These are my favourites - and very very unusual. Like an elongated plum tomato - very meaty and flavourful. Never seen them anywhere else.

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          Thanks again! Those banana tomatoes sound interesting; I'll definately ask for them.