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May 27, 2004 02:11 PM

Attention all Carnivores - Need a great steak in TO.

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I need to take a friend out for a "thank you" dinner and he loves steaks. Any good suggestions?

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  1. Best steak with few trimmings (though they have some premium wines which they can decant if you insist) - House of Chan on N side of Eglinton just west of Bathurst. Don't be fooled by its appearance as a Chinese chop suey den ! No reservations.

    Best steak with many trimmings and wine list to match: Harbour 60, right downtown south of Front Street N of the Lakeshore Blvd and Gardiner Expressway. Need to reserve.

    Atmospheric but one cut below (still good meat): Barberian's on Elm Street just west of Yonge, N of Dundas - smack in centre of town.

    Avoid at all costs: Maison de Biftheque in Sheraton (cheap and tastes like it); Morton's (chain, arrogant, pricey, condescending, not always great meat either).

    If all else fails: Ruth's Chris in the Hilton is a cut above most of the chain; Senior's (Yonge and Pleasant Blvd one south of St Clair) is a neighbourhood place. Not much atmosphere but good steaks and some fair wines at 1/2 the price of downtown. Eddie and Costa will make you feel at home.

    Hy's - downtown on Adelaide just East of Bay - good steaks, get them to ramp up the garlic in the Caesar, fine wines with prices to match - worth insisting on a booth for privacy - attractive surroundings.

    Hope this helps - enjoy !

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      Byzanthiums on Church. Excellent value for great steak and frites

    2. My favourite place for steaks in Toronto is George Bigliardi's Dining Lounge on 463 Church Street 416-922-9594. Great steaks, fine service, old world atmosphere.



      1. Harbour 60 always work for me.

        1. If you don't mind a diner atmosphere (you did say this was a 'thank you dinner') then I suggest The Tulip on Queen East (just before you enter the beaches area).

          1. ...on Bloor West, just East of Islington.

            Beef, primed.