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May 27, 2004 11:57 AM

Cilantro and Mexican food

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Is there anyone other than me who loves spicy Mexican food but HATES cilantro (I find it tastes like soap) so commonly found in Mexican dishes?

Does anyone know of any Mexican restaurant in Toronto that doesn't use cilantro in its dishes?

Thank you


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  1. Try Bandidos Mexican Cantina on King St.
    You can find the address on

    1. rm, i feel exactly as as you do. i am one of those
      people who eats and likes just about everything...
      yet i cannot even swallow cilantro. it has been one
      of life's mysteries that some people like it.
      not only does it ruin alot of mexican food but also
      i have eaten at mariachi on eglington a few times
      always having their meat quesadilla, no cilantro taste.
      it's delicious. if you go have their homemade
      vanilla type cake..yum. and the service is very
      friendly and pleasant.

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      1. Hi Folks, Currently playing on the Not about Food board is a thread about cilatro, like this one. This board is specifically for food found in Toronto only. Please join the discussion on Not about Food, if there are other thoughts on this subject. Thanks!