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May 26, 2004 09:21 PM

Miller Tavern - Yonge & York Mills

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Does anyone know anything about this place? I.e., IS IT GOOD???

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  1. Haven't been yet, but I rec'd their menu in my mailbox yesterday. It looks amazing.
    Here are some dishes: Blue Crab and shrimp cakes with dijon beurre blanc and tomato concasse; flash fried whole calamari with smoked paprika, tomato and roast grlic mayo; lobster quesadilla with avocado salsa; ; roast halibut. They also have daily lunch specials that are under $14.00.
    I can't wait to try it out.

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      Strawberry Shortcake

      Went to the opening night - it was fantastic food. They've done a major refurbushment on the place and it look great.
      Haven't has time to go back but certainly will.

      1. re: Strawberry Shortcake

        Is it predominantly seafood? Or is there land fare on the menu?

        1. re: Lazar

          The menu also has steak, chicken, several salads, etc., but the menu focuses on seafood.