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May 25, 2004 05:36 PM

Tai Pan - great dim sum dinners delivered

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One of my favourite comfort food dinners is dim sum from Tai Pan (Eglinton and Avenue Road). Unlike most other places, they serve dim sum all day/evening AND they deliver (not sure of their exact delivery radius but I live outside it and I think they charge me $2 for delivery - well worth it). You can eat at the restaurant, though it's often pretty empty and a bit dark. I prefer to pick up or have it delivered.

Highly recommended (excuse the spelling, please) are the haam sui gok (deep friend bamboo and pork dumpling), sheep jap pye gwot (pork ribs with blackbean sauce), cheong fung (shrimp or beef in soft rice pancake) and shrimp and spinach har gow (steamed dumpling). I also like their seafood and bean curd soup (though it's a bit gelatinous) and their sliced bbq pork tenderloin (with hot sauce - yum).

It's not Lai Wah Heen but I'd rank it pretty close to the dim sum at Dynasty. The owners are really nice. And it's great value - about $20-$30 for 2 for dinner (plus you get a 10% discount if you pay cash). On these drizzly evenings of late, it's particularly tasty. Try it!

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    Michael Stacey

    I was a fan of Tai Pan for a long time, and have pleasant childhood memories of sunday morning Dim Sum there, but I think the food has declined and have switched to Cha Liu for my Yonge and Eglinton Dim Sum needs. IMHO Cha Liu ranks far closer to Dynasty or Lai Wah Heen than Tai Pan in terms of quality for a lower price and an uptown location. Tai Pan does deliver, though. Any other Dim Sum delivery recommendations?