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May 25, 2004 04:48 PM

I kabab, You kabab, Shish kabab..... Turkish feast with Frederic!

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Hi all,

I am going to organize an outing to the Anatolia turkish restaurant in the Dundas/Kipling area. As I will be quite busy over the next while, I am planning to have it on Saturday July 17, 2004. Whoever is interested and will be available should let me know at the email address above by June 18, so I can be sure we will have tables. I will reserve then. In order to keep it pleasant and that everyone has a chance to talk to everybody, I would not like to have too big a group, also to make sure that there is enough space to accomodate us.
Let me know asap if you intend to come.

Turkish cuisine has left its imprint on the culinary traditions of most countries around the Mediterranean sea.I am of armenian descent, and though my grandfather was from Turkey, I never had a chance to taste Turkish cuisine. I am familiar with Middle Eastern, Armenian and Greek cuisine, though, which can be very similar while being quite different.

In any case, we'll discover it together. I look forward to it!



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