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May 24, 2004 11:36 AM

Espresso machine repair

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Anyone know where in Toronto I could get a Saeco espresso machine repaired? Can't figure out what's wrong, but it's definitely not working right now.

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  1. Try Faema on Dupont, 416-535-1555 or why don't you look up the web site of the manufacturer for a list of their service locations?

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    1. re: Explorer

      Their website is "under construction" and there is no information except for an address in Montreal. I'm sure there must be somewhere to get the thing repaired in Toronto. I'll keep hunting.

      1. re: Nyleve

        I was at their depot not long ago, i hope i remember the right location. It is on Dufferin, south of lawrence, i would imagine if you looked them up in the yellow pages, which i just did...

        Saeco Ontario
        Address 2914 Dufferin St
        North York, ON
        M6B 3S8
        Contact info Telephone: (416) 256-9191
        Fax: (416) 256-4911
        Toll free: (888) 272-6601


        1. re: lbu

          Thank you! I don't have a Toronto yellow pages (I live out in the boonies) so I couldn't look it up. As it turns out, there was nothing actually wrong with my machine after all, my son just ran it dry and didn't prime the pump again so it was misbehaving. But I will file the information for future reference - I'm sure it'll be required again.

          1. re: lbu

            Actually, their address has changed to 5171 Steeles Ave, West. Toronto
            Phone number is still the same.

      2. has a good repair technician at their King St location, west of Bathurst.

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        1. re: jayt90

          We've used the repair technician at Green Beanery for both our Rancillo espresso machine and our hottop roaster. Quick turn-around time. Can't remember the cost, but seemed to be pretty reasonable. If you have a Saeco, probably best to go with the Saeco repairman. But, for anyone else needing a machine repair, GB is a good bet.

          1. re: amy_whino

   has recently added their repair facility on King Street. The technician is honest, straightforward, and finished my repair (Cafe Rosto) faster and cheaper than promised.

        2. The Toronto Saeco store is indeed on Steeles West, around Jane if memory serves me correctly. I've had my machine repaired there twice and it can take from 2 to 3 weeks. They do not offer loaners, unfortunately, which makes for quite a number of unbearable, coffee-free breakfasts at home.

          The Dufferin St. location closed up a few years ago.

          1. If you have a Saeco, definitely go to the Saeco store on Steeles Avenue. We have taken in our machine a couple of times. They have great customer service and will not to upsell any repairs. We have never had to have our machine out as long as Tatai, and agree it would be unbearable not to have my morning latte.

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