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May 23, 2004 07:53 PM

Buffalo Other Than Chicken Wings

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Spending a Saturday night in Buffalo, N.Y. in June. Any suggestions close to the city centre? Have been to the Anchor Bar many times and it is great but want to try some other place.

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  1. Um, this is the Toronto board. For Buffalo recommendations try the Tristate board (linked below) and do a keyword search.


    1. it's not closer to downtown, but you MUST try Schwabl's for the best roast beef on weck and potato salad/mashed potato in the world


      1. If you're a serious carnivore, go to Fat Bob's, an unpretentious southern smokehouse par excellence, right in the middle of Allentown. The pulled pork and cornbread are both fab.

        Fat Bob's Smokehouse
        41 Virginia Place
        (At Allen Street)
        Buffalo 14202

        I've also heard that Suzy-Q's is really good, but cannot personally vouch for it.

        Suzy-Q's Bar-B-Que Shack.
        2829 River Rd. (a block or two from the intersection of Vulcan Rd. and River Rd., near the Buffalo border), Tonawanda.

        If you'd like a salad, I can't help you...