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May 19, 2004 02:29 PM

Best Frites in Town?

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I've had a tiny obsession with frites over the past few months. Not those fries or potato wedges that are typically served but those really-thin crisy potato sticks fresh from the deep fryer. I've had almost-perfect ones at the Canyon Creek Chophouse last year late at night (which started my obsession in the first place; I haven't been able to get any good ones from them since). I've had them at 5 Doors North and any other place who may have them on their menu (typically in conjunction with mussels or steak). Cafe Brussels has them a bit bigger but I like the flavour nevertheless.

Does anyone have any good recommendations restaurants that have super-thin, non-sticky, always-crispy frites?

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  1. Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar. Jamie's famous frites with lemon mayo, served in a paper cone. Damn, now I have a craving for them...

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      Strawberry Shortcake

      oh you've got me craving them!

    2. Have not tried them yet but read a newspaper review that the Drake hotel restaurant does stiff competition to JK frites

      1. Alto Basso on College, had some awesome frites, all golden and crispy and just the right amount of salt...couldn't get enough...

        1. i had exactly what you are looking for just last
          week at "provence" 12 amelia st.
          i've been dieting and staying away from stuff like that
          but could not resist. they are amazing!! the rest
          of the food was fabulous as well, the most authentically french that i've experienced in a
          long time.

          1. FRISCO'S

            Lovely, crispy-melty. Just the right size -- and served with two homemade mayos. Choose from their wine list of a hundred wines under 50 bucks for something to wash it down with.