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May 19, 2004 01:48 PM

350 Fahrenheit

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I was very curious after reading a review about this place on, so I finally went last week.

Although the decor isn't my thing (too much glamour, I always feel like an elephant in a porcelain shop in those kinds of places; although the sliding door was a fun surprise), staff were very friendly, chatty and uniformly dressed in black. An Imported Italian water bottle adorns each table (for a hefty 8 bucks), so you get a bit of an idea of the clientele the shop is aiming for. The menu is quite good, but it lacks beef and pork. Instead, it has smoothies, protein drinks and other speciality drinks. We had 2 rice rolls appetizers (chicken and salmon) - not bad and cutely arranged in Martini glasses but quite small for 5 bucks; samosas - light and fluffy, a bit spicy - I wasn't in the mood to eat much of it so I can't comment on it other than that; a chicken dish (did not taste it) and tilapia (which I loved). Not a bad place to take out a date but when you are in a grungier / cheaper mood, Fresh (aka Juice for Life) is the better deal. This isn't going to be one of my staple restaurants but wortwhile my one visit. Oh yea, and beware of the lady bust on the way to the washroom.


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    Avocado Queen

    After your review, a few gals and i visited the place on a busy Thursday night.
    Love the decor. very trendy, alot of fun. impeccable service. unlike many restaurants, the waitress was actually very knowledgeable about their food.
    overall, we enjoyed the presentation more than the actual quality of the food. I had the eggplant terrine. i was expecting something bland and rubbery, but it was nicely flavoured; too bad it was cooled when it arrived on the table. my friends had pad thai (she didn't like it, said it was underspiced) and the salmon (good, but not fantastic; luckily, it wasn't overcooked) .
    we all agreed that we will come back, but not really for the food.