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May 18, 2004 02:55 PM

Group celebration dinner - upscale

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Hi all,

Need some help trying to find a good place to have our company's anniversary dinner for long-term employees. Usually is held at North 44, but this year they can't accomodate the number of people we have going.

Any suggestions welcome...would need to be big and with a menu that has some variety to suit all tastes! Budget will be the same as North 44, which is pretty pricy.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. How many people ARE going?

    1. Centro can take a group of 70
      Canoe: 66
      Bymark: 48

      This is all according to Toronto Life guide on private dining rooms:


      1. I had a corporate function recently at the Rosewater Supper Club (Marc Thuet is now cooking there) and the food and service was great.
        They can accomodate parties from 20 to 150 and up if needed.
        This would be a great experience.