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May 18, 2004 01:35 PM

Chowhound Brunch

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First off, the name memorization test, spelling doesn't count! In attendance were Leah, Leanne, Jacquilynne, Diane, Susan, Judy (aka Erin), Lori, Frederic, Eric and Tess. I think that's everyone but if I forgot your or mispelled you, I apologize.

Brunch was at Lisa's Cafe on Carlaw Street. It's a great space in a very cool neighbourhood. The decor is comfy, lofty and open. A fishtank in an old TV was totally charming.

Brunch is an all you can eat with coffee and tea included. It's served cafeteria style, with different sections for breakfast (french toast, waffles, sausage, bacon and fresh made omelettes), lunch (beef stroganoff, strada, a fish thing and a selection of wonderful fresh salads). There were also fresh pastries, fruit salad and a toasting bar. Large glasses of amazing fresh squeezed orange juice are $2 extra.

The strada, Lisa's signature dish, was a real polarizing element. A layered casserole of bread, cheese and vegetables bound together with egg, some people loved it, some people poked at it suspiciously and declined to eat it. I was on the love it side, but I'm sure those hate it people have good taste in other things.

I can't much comment on the Jazz, since I'm not a jazz person, really, but live music always provides a great atmosphere.

I'll definitely be back at Lisa's cafe for future brunches and am looking forward to the next Chowhound Chow Down.

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  1. h

    I was on the other side re: the strada. Mushy bread is not my thing - imagine lasagna, replace pasta with mushy bread; tasted alright. Best part was the freshly squeezed OJ for $2 - mmmmm!

    Nice atmosphere - open, bright, funky, and the live music was cool (and I'm not a jazz fan).

    Might go back, but there are SO many places to eat in this city! Not a definite return for me.

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      Hi guys,

      I had a great time too but though the food was good. I am not keen on returning necessarily. To me, the best buffet sunday brunch is hands down Whitlock's in the Beaches. Same price, way more food and way more exquisite! The owner, Dimitri Panayiotou, knows what he's doing.....

    2. Thanks to Leanne, Jacquilynne, Diane, Susan, Judy Lori, Frederic, Eric and Tess for attending. I had a great time!

      I actually loved the brunch. Did not know that it was an all you can eat for $13.99. The room was airy and bright and the music was perfect. I liked the strata. The fish was o.k as it was a little bit on the overcooked side.

      I am so glad that I organized it as I got to meet people who love food just as much as I do.

      Thanks, once again! I hope to see you at next month's meet.

      Leah S