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Jul 13, 2000 12:08 PM

13 Coins (in Seattle/SeaTac)

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Seeing 13 Coins come up in the Seattle burger stand thread, I have to ask: I am the only one totally underwhelmed by these restaurants?

I always was outraged by the high cost and below-average quality of the fare. Unfortunately, out-of-town friends loved it, so I had to go when they visited.

Maybe 13 Coins has gotten better since I left Seattle, but I could never understand why folks would eat there when the area had so many outstanding restaurants.

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  1. s
    Steve Potenberg

    I'm completely with you on this one, John. I went to the 13 Coins @ Sea-Tac a few weeks ago (because my plane landed late & I didn't get my dinner until 1:30 a.m.). Portions are substantial, which is not a minor consideration if it's been 12 hours since you last ate, but the onion soup was way too salty, and the weird hamburger & egg dish pretty much sucked. And you're right, you get to pay plenty for the privilege.

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    1. re: Steve Potenberg

      I had recently eaten at the 13 Coins resturant at Lad pro shopping center in Bangkok and really enjoyed the food and menu selection over there. The food at the 13 Coins in Thailand was excellent and the service was very good. The menu had plenty to choose from...both Thai and Italian dishes.

      I was up here in Seattle and ate at the 13 Coins at Sea-Tac, and I was very dissapointed. The hostess was not friendly at all, and the menu selection was very limited. The food is very over-priced, and the taste is terrible. We ordered the BBQ Pork appetizer, and it was so bad. We also ordered spaghetti, and the taste was not as good as I thought. I ordered the cheescake, and it was so awful, I felt like I wanted to throw up. Overall, 13 coins in Seattle was really, really bad.

      I will never go back to 13 Coins in Seattle again. again...Olive Garden is a much better value.

      P.S. United Airlines has better food than 13 Coins!

    2. OK, I must confess -- I've never BEEN to 13 Coins. I only mentioned that in a thread because I *SEE* (hear) so much about it. Every survey I find, online and off, consistently names this "Seattle's favorite restaurant", "Seattle's best latenight hangout", "where the locals go", etc., etc. As a short-term visitor, I figured it was my OBLIGATION to go check it out. I figured you guys were all of a mind that this was THE place to go.

      To hear the opposite surprises me. Especially your comments about the HIGH COST. From all that I had read, I pictured it as a dumpy diner. You know...vinyl booths, jukebox, Pat Morita with a dishrag over his shoulder.

      Hey, Cunningham!!

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      1. re: Jim Wong
        John Piekarski

        It might get the late-night honors because it's open 24x7, but it's not a diner. It serves upscale dishes, but for food just doesn't seem that good to me.

        For late-night, I'd prefer to go to the International District. Also, there used to be an Italian place up in the U district that I thought was open 24 hours a day. (But I've been out of the area for a half-dozen years.) Too bad the Dog House is long gone.

        1. re: John Piekarski

          The Italian joint you're thinking of in the U District is Stella's. Yes, it was open 24 hours, but I'm not sure if it's still around (I haven't lived in Seattle for a couple of years). It's part of that chain of Italian restuarants...the name fails me now.

          By the way, 13 Coins does make the best Joe's Special there is.


          1. re: Melissa
            John Piekarski

            Thanks, Melissa, for the name. Stella's ... I think the restaurant group it belonged to also owned the Italian place in Pioneer Square that was open until 4 a.m. I ended many a bar-hopping night with a plate of pasta there.

            1. re: John Piekarski

              They have about 3 places. Stella's and Trattoria Michelli's is the one in Pioneer Square. The one in the U district was still open in January of this year. I moved away too. The other all time favorite of the late night crowd is Beth's (they have a 10 egg omelette).
              That is on Aurora and is open round the clock for some greasy grub.

              1. re: Patty G

                Stella's, Trattoria Michelli's & Angelina's in West Seattle are the 3 owned in that chain & all but Angelina's are still open 24 hrs.

                Beth's Cafe is still open 24 hrs on Aurora & the people who own it bought what used to be the Doghouse & turned it into another 24 hr cafe called The Hurricane.

                And all of the above are great for cheap food in a comfy atmosphere but The Hurricane often scores low marks in my book for exceptionally consistent crappy service.

                However, as far as 13 coins in concerned, it scores even worse in the bang-for-your-buck category with not very food ranging from $13 - $21. But if I were interested in having a secret late-night dining experience, I'd pick sitting in the dark at one of the private high-backed booths at 13 Coins over all the other loud & open places listed above.

      2. I have no idea why this place is chosen year in and year out other than the amazing privacy afforded by the booths...I've only been to the Sea/Tac one.

        The only reason I could think it would be so popular is the availability of everything on the menu at any given hour. Prime Rib? No prob. Omelette? No prob.
        If you go someplace else, it seems, you're stuck ordering only breakfast (or dinner, etc...) or only a particular *kind* of cuisine (Italian...).

        Here, with a big group, everyone's...well, happier. Until the bill comes.