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May 16, 2004 02:45 AM

Mediterra: best seafood?

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Dear all,

We'll be in Toronto for one night staying at the Westin Harbor Castle. Do you recommend Mediterra as the best seafood restaurant in town?

Thank you!

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  1. Never heard of Mediterra, but Starfish has a good reputation for oysters and seafood. Lobster, crab, soon soft shell crab season too. It's a small place with a good selection of fish,and usually quite busy, which means the fish would be fresh every day. It's also quite close to the westin almost walking distance depending on the person. Some people think there's no reason to eat seafood in Toronto b/c of our proximity to the sea but that's silly.

    1. I've not heard of Mediterra either.

      The best seafood restaurant in town, without question, is Chiado.

      Via Allegro does incredible seafood as well.

      Ristorante Adriatico is another wonderful choice.


      1. Best seafood? Never heard of it. If you want seafood, go to Chiado or Joso's.

        1. Unfortunately the Harbour Castle is away from all the better restaurants - and Mediterra aims at tourists (locals rarely go there).
          The advice below is as good as any - but both Chiado and Joso are a long way from the Harbour Castle (I'm guessing $15 to Joso $20 to Chiado, each way). My preference would be Chiado (a very upscale Portuguese retaurant) as you can try several fish not easily available elsewhere. But, realistically, Toronto isn't a fishy city.