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May 15, 2004 11:02 PM

Times Dynasty Anyone?

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Drove past Times Dynasty at Leslie/Highway 7 in Richmond Hill. It was 5:30pm and full of people which I saw thru the windows as they're on the 2nd floor. Seems to be a stairway from street level. There's a walkway from Times Square to this building. Any idea what they serve, if it's good food and price range? I didn't want to go up and ask in case there's no English menu.

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    It's a Chinese restaurant. Have been for dim sum on the weekend, dinners, and a wedding banquet. Always good food. More upscale so slightly more expensive than say Big Mouth Kee (less fancy, but food is really good too) at W. Beaver Creek & Highway 7 (under Ambassador - another fancier type restaurant). For good cheap eats, try Richmond Court at Times Square - more "fast food" type - congee & noodle soups, noodles, rice dishes vs. family style sit down meals at Times Dynasty or Ambassador.

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      This restaurant is also famous for its ballroom dancing nights. For a fixed price, you get dinner (soup, rice, entree) plus dancing. I think they have live music from time to time too.

    2. Been there at lunchtime on weekends a few times, for dim sum, and it was very good -would definately recommend it as a good dim sum place.