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Get Outta Town for this Chef's Burger bet

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I'm temporarily converting the Toronto into an Ontario Board.

Just heard about this site on CBC radio this morning, then had lunch later on. After what I just did, I had to come here and report from a little, sleepy and beautiful spot on Lake Huron called Port Franks - next door to Pinery Provincial Park

Anyone in TO have an appetite like a bear just out of hibernation - and loves a good burger? I mean a really good BIG burger?

Here's the bet from http://harbourside.lambtonshores.com/

24 oz ( 1 ½ lb ) Beef Burger $17.99
If you can eat this impressive burger all by yourself in a half hour or less, your price will only be $6.99!

I missed it. Couldn't even finish. Now I'm hyper gorged and about to fall asleep on my couch. But it is worth trying for two reasons. One is especially for the taste but also for the sight of it! A few people took interest in my attempted (but failed) feat which also made for some fun.

Link: http://www.lambtonshores.com/eateries...

Image: http://wunderknabe.bei.t-online.de/bi...

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