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May 14, 2004 01:57 PM

Suckling Pig

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Does anyone know where in Toronto I can get my hands on a raw (read: uncooked) suckling pig? I'm going on a camping trip in a week and would like to do something special for dinner the first night. Spit roasting a suckling pig seemed to be a good idea. Does anyone have recipies? Hints? Suggestions? I'd appreciate it as a first timer.

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  1. In the St Lawrence market (actually the new building on the North side of the road) on Saturdays there is a Pork vendor (I was able to get Pig Tails). You will probably have to special order it but I am sure they can get it or know where you can get it...

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      When I need a raw suckling pig, I head to any Chinese BBQ restaurant. They only need a days notice and it should cost no more then $125. Most places can take care of the seasoning and trussing of the pig at a minor cost.

    2. I'd suggest calling one of the "farm" suppliers outside of Toronto. The only one that springs to mind is Rowe's Farm Meats in Guelph. But any real butcher (as opposed to grocery store meat counter) should be able to help you. Possibly somebody at St. Lawrence Market???

      I have cooked a suckling pig. The surprise was how LITTLE time it took. If you can get a spit going, it would only be a couple of hours depending on the size of the pig. The people who supply it to you should be able to give you a guide time. Take one of the accurate "instant read" meat thermometers - much more useful than the ones that you leave in the meat while it cooks. If you can't rig up a spit, you'll have to keep turning it regularly.

      And don't forget to score the skin in some places and sprinkle some salt on the skin and then you'll get wonderful "cracking"

      Good luck!

      1. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

        I think I'm going to buy from a chinese restaurant... I found one for 100 bucks where they season and tie the sucker up for me ready to roast! awesome deal.

        so anyways, comes another part of the question, what kind of wood would you use to cook this? just any old firewood? (I'm doing this on a campsite) Using charcoal for sure, but just wondering when i finish, I'm supposed to be using wood right? So what kind? where would I get "cooking wood" or "smoking wood" for a reasonable price? (Lugging it to the campsite wont be fun either...)

        thanks for all your help!