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May 14, 2004 10:13 AM

Silver Spoon

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Has anyone been there lately?


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  1. Hey! My best friend's brother owns the place! He's the chef. GREAT FOOD...and very affordable.
    He's been mentioned several times in NOW magazine. Very relaxing atmosphere too.

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    1. re: FS're obviously biased.

      Check out the previous thread.


    2. I've been to Silver Spon lately. I wrote a posting in the previous thread; here is an update.

      Most of the dishes on the regular menu is good. Lamb is well prepared and at a great price - $23 or $27, can't remember exactly; of course Canoe's lamb is better prepared, but you'll have to spend over $40 to enjoy it.

      Salmon on the other hand is not a good deal in my opinion. I tried it twice... small portion and not prepared to my taste.

      The chicken dish is competently prepared, the meat is tender and juicy; if you want to be wowed, go to Mildred Pierce and order the chicken dish from their regular menu... it is fantastic, but there is a price difference for the extra wow - $23 at Mildred Pierce as opposed to $17 at Silver Spoon.

      Two weeks ago they had duck confit as a dinner special. The duck was tasty, but unfortunately too dry.

      Recently (a couple of months ago) they started serving complimentary truffles at the end of the meal, in addition to the usual complimentary amouse bouche at the beginning of the meal.

      Just my two cents,