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May 13, 2004 02:15 PM

The Strand on Victoria

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Fairly new fine dining spot in the building formerly occupied by Growlers pub. The relatively short lunch menu was heavy on the beef, with a sirloin burger, a tenderloin and a striploin comprising 3 of the 5 mains. I had the tenderloin and it was tender, fairly-sized for lunch and well-cooked, if slightly bland. My companion seemed pleased with the burger, which was stuffed with a small amount of foie gras. Both mains were $19 and were accompanied by good frites of average thickness. Starter of nicoise salad with seared tuna was excellent, though pricey at $17. Other opening choices came in around the $10 mark. Service was genuine and sincere, despite a few miscues with the flatware. Would I repeat? Yes.

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  1. I also had a very good dinner experience there. Very much a high-end steakhouse menu. Our food was high quality and well presented - generally met but didn't exceed the high caliber we expected for the style of the restaurant and the prices charged.
    The service however, was exceptional - as good as any I have experienced anywhere. Attentive, respectful and knowledgeable.
    I would definitely recommend it as among the top steakhouses in the city.

    1. Another average restaurant with pretty, up-to-date decor and a bland menu (steaks, soups, salads, yawn...). Went there for lunch once shortly after it opened, because I work around the corner from there. Nice room and all, but was disappointed by the mundane offerings and the ungenerous portions. They do have trendy plates and cutlery, if that helps.

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        Had lunch there earlier this week. Nice decor, but small lunch menu and bland food. I had a very large spinach salad to start (maybe meant to be a lunch time main?), and the $19 sirloin burger stuffed with foie gras. Sounded better than it was. The tiramisu I had for dessert was excellent. The service was exceptionally slow. Maybe they just had an off day, but I doubt I will go back.