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May 12, 2004 03:55 PM

Ikea salmon scare

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Ikea sells quite good smoked salmon for $11.99 for 250
grams. The last I looked, the supermarket sells the same brand at $14.99 for 500 grams. I pay $10.50 wholesale as a small purchaser for 500 grams.

The buyer at Ikea confirmed that the price in the store was no error; I had told her the various prices. A promised follow up call from the manager is long overdue.

I had an Entertainment book coupon for the Ikea cafeteria and was determined to try something new at a bargain. I should have resisted.

The food seems to follow the plan of the furniture but with far lesser results. I guess food is different from furniture.

The food tastes as if the parts were separately produced in different places and then assembled at the point of use. The food follows the furniture aesthetic of minimalism: the portions are small. In defense, the prices are modest. But not modest enough: with the coupon it was sort of worth it, insofar as crummy food as any worth.

Anybody know a better shopping food deal than the $2.13 (tax in) hot dog and limitless soft drink at Costco? The sauerkraut garnish is not bad and adds to the value.

I do highly recommend Ikea's butcher block (beech or oak ) kitchen counter tops and their cupboard door pulls.


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  1. Vinnie-I now understand your "glowing recomendation" for Thai Plate. Anyone on this site especially, who would consider actually eating at Ikea, regardless of having a coupon or not should not be offing opinoins on chowish restaurants. I will no longer trust any future recomendations you make!!

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      I actually don't mind Ikea all that much. I used to bring a good book and read while enjoying cake and unlimited coffee/tea/soft drinks. I don't mind the hotdogs at the cafe either. But definitely not chowhoundish.


      1. re: stephen

        Oh, lighten up. Ikea's meatballs are not bad.

        You should be saving your disdain for all the annoying "I haven't bothered to do any of my own research, but give me some recommendations for dinner tomorrow, I'm at such-and-such-a-location" posters.

      2. A little care in the titles you select, perhaps, Vini. 'IKEA Salmon Scare' makes it sound like you went there and got botulism, not slightly overcharged.

        Further, do you honestly feel that the manager owes you a call back to justify why their prices are what they are? If you don't like IKEA's prices, buy the salmon at the Supermarket. Unless you have an overwhelming need for Billy bookcases, presumably you go to the supermarket rather more frequently than you go to IKEA anyway.

        1. Can you share the name of the place where you buy it for $10.50 for 500 gm? Is it a wholesaler that is open to the public?


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            Vinnie Vidimangi

            Hey, I just said that I succumbed to a base instinct, not that I liked it.

            A cafeteria can epitomize chowishness. This one doesn't. Never up, never in.

            Costco sells the same brand of smoked salmon for $12.49 for 500 grams (2.5 cents per gm.) as Ikea sells for $11.99 for 250 grams (4.8 cents per gm). Costco is happy with the markup and my guess is that Ikea pays no more than Costco to its supplier. My guess is that Ikea's cost for 250gm is no more than $5.00. A markup on frozen smoked salmon of by a mass retailer of at least 140% is pretty scary to me.

            I called Ikea to ensure that someone had not made a mistake in pricing. The manager has a right not to call me back; I have a right to publicize and warn.

            For me to buy wholesale I had to buy a box, 20 pieces
            x 500gm. (I got through it; believe it or not it was a staple for my infant children. I think that the texture appealed to them. It was a good way of getting them to eat fish and made for an easy meal. The smoke cure was very light.) It may be more practical to get a smaller quantity at Costco at $12.49. It is in the big freezers and not in the fish section. I know that the Wilson-Dufferin store carries it. If you would like to buy the product in some quantity, please contact me directly.

            If you go. The power centre on which Costco is located also has a Krispy Kreme. When the red neon sign is on the store is making donuts and will give you one free as a sample. I now find it easy to resist, but only after a couple of trips. Please accept my voluntary confession and sincere contrition and do not tear off my bib and shred it.

            Finally, the risk in eating spoiled lox is not botulism but salmonella.