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Jul 12, 2000 12:26 AM

Café Mandalay

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Tom, Beth, Pat, etc. -- it's nice to see we're getting this board kickstarted. I still eagerly await SALMON recommendations, but in the meantime, I have another to ask about: Café Mandalay in Wallingford (on 45th about a mile West of Dick's). The place looks fascinating, run out of a small HOUSE (as is common up that way), complete with porch, and specializing in 20 or so oddball curries from a hodgepodge of places. One Malaysian, one Balinese, one South African, etc.

Any opinions/experience out there?

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  1. I'm finding it more and more interesting that so many of the Seattle comments are posted by people who don't live in Seattle. I would love to participate on this board more (Seattle is truly a wonderful town), but my knowledge is spotty and somewhat dated at best. (I only piped in to second Tom's comments about Campagne because my visits there-- scattered though they've been-- have been very special.)

    But don't give up, Jim, even if no local chowhounds pipe in with their knowledge. Keep fighting the good fight for good food, keep spreading the word about Chowhound, and keep posting. Many of us are reading (and drooling) along.

    1. Haven't been there yet, but I'll try it soon. As soon as I get back to Seattle (after 4 months in Charlotte), my new office will be in Wallingford, just a couple blocks from Cafe Mandalay.
      When I get settled back in, I'll try to do a summary of eateries in that neighborhood (for those not familiar with Seattle, W'ford is about a mile west of the University, just west of I-5.)
      First recommendation in that area: Located in a little house sandwiched between the two separate buildings of one movie theatre (Guild 45th) is My Brother's Pizza - get The Dome! Pizza sauce, cheese, your choice of other toppings, in a ceramic bowl, with the dough across the top. Baked that way, then at your table they loosen the dough, tip the bowl over, and the soup of contents fills the dough. Mmmmmmmmmm........

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        Ruth Satterlee

        Here's a couple, well make it three suggestions,
        Blue Star Cafe, 1 block north of the corner of Stoneway and 45th, great weekend breakfasts, although Luna Park in West Seattle is one of my favorite breakfast places. Cafe Bizarro, around the corner from the Blue Star, Italian food, you often have to wait to get in, and the Boulangerie, just 1/2 block from My Brother's Pizza, but on the other side of the street. They bake French bread and French pastries.

      2. I finally got around to it - see my posting of 11-24-00.