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May 10, 2004 11:25 AM

Cafes in parks etc?

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Now that summer's coming, we're looking for cafes or restaurants in parks, conservatories and anywhere where we can look out on to nature and get some fresh air (yeah, we live in an apartment). GTA or max 1-2 hours drive away ... brunch, lunch or cuppa good coffee/tea with cakes, etc.

Anyone know any? (can't afford to eat at the plush restaurants in the golf courses!)

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  1. The Rectory Cafe on the Islands always does the trick for me (and no driving required).


    1. High Park has a nice cafe...and again no driving!

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        Try St. Lawrence Market and there's the park across the street on King. For nearby restaurants, I just tried Le Petit Dejeuner on King E and really liked it and they do take out(east of Jarvis, next to Chocolate - I'm going there tomorrow to try lunch).