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May 9, 2004 05:55 PM

raw food

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Has anyone been to the raw food restaurant, the name of which escapes me. I think it's on davenport. It got good write-ups in Now and Eye magazine and is as far as I know the only one of its kind in T.O. I'd be really interested to hear what it's like.

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  1. An interesting experience, the owner is super nice and engaging, and the food was not bland "whey and wheat berries" kind of fare. You can get a tasting menu kind of deal where you sample everything on the daily menu.

    The food ranges from ok to delicious, with her "sheppard's pie" being a flavourful standout. A lot of it was heavy on the lemon for flavoring, but her use of various ground nuts to simulate meat and other cooked items is awesome. BTW, I'm far from a vegan so my stomach did not handle all of it well, expect some kind digestive issues afterwards. Her desserts are especially impressive, full of delicious flavour. She will also make adjustments and improvise to fit any dietary considerations. Do try some of their juicer drinks.

    It is VERY small and can only really sit around 6 people.

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      ... and the name of the restaurant is?

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        Peppermint Pate

        I think it's called the Live Health Cafe. It's around Spadina and Dupont.

    2. The name of the restaurant is Live - the link for the Now feature is included below.


      1. I would like to add my praises for this restaurant as well. A very pleasant dining experience, you feel like a small part of the "raw food" community even after being there once.

        I highly suggest the "sushi" and although the tasting menu is available, I found it a little overwhelming. There is more flavour in one item than a whole meal of meat and potatoes.

        fyi, the chef is considering expanding, so look for her in other areas. And I believe she also does cooking seminars and/or classes which, considering her personality, I think would be very fun to attend.