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May 9, 2004 01:26 PM

Four days in Toronto

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We are going to Toronto for four days in June.

I've been reading about the Portuguese restaurants: Chiado, Ramboia and Amadeus. Apart from what I understand to be Chiado's more upscale experience, does anyone have any suggestions.

I would also be happy to hear from anyone regarding ethnic dining experiences that emphasize authenticity, though price is not a great concern: Italian, Chinese and Japanese are of interest.

Thanks in advance.

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    Frances in Toronto

    Japanese -- Yamato in Yorkville (great sushi... teppanyaki is ok but i like their sushi the best, that is their strength). or if you want to venture out further, Kaji is the best of the best in Toronto. Hiro also has a good reputation, but they are known more for their style in which the chef just brings you food to your table (you don't order specifically)... the sushi at Hiro wasn't great when i went. and i'm from vancouver so i know my sushi.

    Chinese -- well in downtown there really isn't that much that's remarkable... you could try dimsum at Dynasty which is on Bloor near Yorkville. in terms of an evening meal... ?!?!

    Italian -- i keep hearing the name Romagnia Mia again and again so there must be something great about it.

    have fun and good luck on your food adventures.

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      I can vouch for Romanga Mia - northern Italian - authentic, terrific risotto and I love the florentine steak. You won't be disappointed.

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        ...and I can vouch for the best Chinese on Spadina. Do not miss Lee Garden. Order off the specials menu that is written on the white board on the wall. And for Lao/Vietnamese go to Vanipha on Dundas about three blocks east of Spadina.

    2. My suggestion would be Mata Hari on Baldwin St. Delicious Malaysian food with good service and nice atmosphere.