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May 6, 2004 04:32 PM

New Siddhartha vs. Debu Saha's Biryani House

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Planning a get together with my family but don't know which of these two to pick. Complicated by the fact that some of us are vegetarian & some aren't. Also, as my family is South Indian we are VERY picky when it comes to indian restos. I've been to many in this city and more often than not end up leaving disappointed...usually because of the exxon-valdez sized oil slicks floating on top of most dishes.

I have seen good reviews for both of the above restos in TO Life, and while hope springs eternal, proof is in the pudding (or the curry in this case, haha). Can anyone offer a comparison or recommendation?

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  1. I have had only the buffet at Siddhartha's and while it was fine, it was a more quantity than quality place. Biryani House was much more enjoyable for me. Must it be south Indian? I also enjoy Cuisine of India on Yonge and The Host, but they are northern.

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      The Siddhartha buffet, I've found, is amongst the better, but it is still buffet. Their a la carte menu, however, is excellent, IMO. I've ordered delivery and takeout from them a number of times and have always been impressed.

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      1. I know nothing of what's been posted on TCHOW re indian, but isn't Moti Mahal (I think that's it) fairly well regarded? Just a suggestion; not sure if you've tried it, but if you have, I'd love to know what you thought.

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          I go to the Gerrard Street Moti all the time (i.e. today) for the awesome veg thali. It's the busiest joint in India-town for a reason. If you want meat, try the butter chicken.

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            I too love Moti Mahal on Gerrard and the butter chicken is great. But just a heads up that it might not be condusive to a nice sit down family dinner. Great for takeout or a quick bite.

        2. There's a new restaurant operating in the location of Debu Saha's Biryani House -- same decor, still called "Biryani House", but obviously Debu Saha isn't there. Has anyone tried it?

          1. re: besweet

            We ate there last night - the food was okay, but sadly lacking Debu's flare of flavours and presentation 6/10. Debu was always 10/10

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